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Lede Collective

We are a cooperative of top professionals dedicated to the art of brand storytelling, or integrated content marketing. We're made up of writers, editors, designers, photographers, videographers, PR experts and digital strategists. While we are largely based in Singapore, our work has been regional.

As an inside joke, we’ve named ourselves after a journalistic term. The lede (pronounced as ‘lead’ the verb) is the opening of a news story and it has one job – to entice the reader to finish the whole story.

We have one job too – to create content that not only gets attention but also triggers action. And that’s how we’ve been helping MNCs and start-ups to build their brand and foster trust among their target audiences.

Jane Lee

Jane Lee

Chief Storyteller

Jane has close to 20 years of communications experience, spanning journalism, NGO communications, corporate communications and content marketing. She spent more than half that time working in London, Bangkok and Hong Kong. That's probably why she’s fluent in English, Thai and Mandarin.

Starting her career as a journalist with The Straits Times, Jane has gone on to help brands connect with their customers. She’s developed creative and impactful content campaigns for a wide roster of clients in the region including Google, FedEx, Cisco, Ford Motor Company, Grab, Nestle, FWD, Economic Development Board of Singapore and Resorts World Genting.

After a decade of working with international agencies, Jane wants to continue doing what she loves best (finding and telling stories, yay!) but with a different model. Meanwhile, she’s also learning the cello and Python – one with more success than the other.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. – Albert Einstein